Making CBD Rosin with Hemp


Hemp, marijuana, and cannabis are terms often used interchangeably, but they are not the same – even though hemp and marijuana are both derived from the Cannabis family of plants. When making CBD rosin with hemp, it is helpful to know that while hemp and marijuana plants do share certain similarities, they also have several very crucial differences:

  • Marijuana plants have broad leaves with dense buds, while hemp plants will grow skinny leaves and the plant will grow taller.
  • Marijuana contains an abundance of THC (15% -40%), the component which causes euphoria, while the concentration of THC in hemp is very low or nonexistent.
  • In most states, hemp containing certain levels of THC (below .03% THC) is classified as legal, as it is not viewed as a recreational drug.

Pressing Hemp to Make CBD Rosin

CBD rosin is the concentrated substance of hemp that can be derived by the careful application of pressure and heat to the hemp plant. Pressing rosin is a more natural method that doesn’t require the use of solvents. All you need is a quality rosin press, parchment paper, hemp, and a collecting tool to make your own CBD rosin that is chemical-free.

A good rule is to aim for the yield you’re after and then dial back your settings to attain the quality you’re seeking. Start by pressing with a goal of 15% by weight for Hemp Rosin. Once this yield is achieved, you can reduce the time of your press to fine-tune the quality of your extracted concentrate.

Hemp is the perfect plant for producing CBD. Hemp and its terpenes are more resilient than cannabis to heat and extended application times when seeking to produce CBD rosin, meaning that that hemp can, and should be, pressed at higher temperatures for longer amounts of time than for cannabis. Higher heat, and longer length of applied time, will produce a greater amount of CBD rosin.

Hemp typically yields less rosin than cannabis. A reasonable expectation of yield (all things being equal, under the best possible circumstances) would be approximately 10%-18% (or upper “teens”) by weight for hemp. Compare this to the spectrum of 15%-25% (lower 30% in the best of circumstances) by weight for flower and the difference in realizable yields is apparent.

Getting the Best CBD Rosin Yield

There are many factors that can affect yield including whether the strain of hemp is high in CBD, to begin with. Also, the quality of the press, along with the temperature, pressures, and time duration will also affect your yield.

Here are some recommendations for producing the best CBD rosin yield:

  • starting times and temperatures – about 240 or more, for a minimum of 2 minutes (120 seconds) or until your yields are approximately 15% by weight.
  • amount pressed – when pressing hemp, use 1-1.5 grams per press, following the manufacturer’s guidelines
  • type of press – use a press that allows you to precisely monitor the process, and make fine adjustments as needed to achieve the best yield

To make CBD rosin, you follow the same instructions as with flower. Click here to learn how to make rosin with My Press.

Can You Press Hemp into CBD Oil with a Rosin Press?

No, CBD oil is typically processed using steam-distillation, similar to the production of essential oils. However, CBD rosin is pressed using heat and pressure, and without solvents. The result is a pure concentrate that is easier to make at home.

Create Your Own CBD Rosin Using MyPress

If you want to create your own CBD rosin, use one of the best rosin presses around, manufactured and sold by MyPress Solventless. The process is not greatly different from producing cannabis rosin, though the specifics of the process are different, as discussed above.

The MyPress is easy to use with an operator-friendly LCD screen that allows for precision control to temperatures between 100° to 250° Fahrenheit (37°C – 121°C). The press requires only a gentle application of force to yield industry standard rosin and quantities when starting with quality Hemp materials.

You should contact your medical professional prior to developing or undertaking a regular CBD regimen.

About the Author:

Dan Korrub is the owner of MyPress Solventless, a press used to produce safe, clean medicine from home for personal use. With MyPress Solventless you can realize the same high yields at home, or on-the-go, guaranteeing the freshest oil, when you want it.

MyPress Solventless
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